VE Day Celebrations – Friday 8th May

Friday 8th May is VE day – the day we celebrate Germany’s surrender which brought World War II to a close. It’s the 75th anniversary of this momentous occasion, and we’d usually celebrate with parties, fetes, and lots of socialising!  Obviously that can’t happen this year, so instead we thought we’d give you some ideas for celebrating at home with your family.

This is the perfect time to celebrate all things British – what could be better than some traditional crafts, followed by afternoon tea and a doorstep toast to those who gave their lives for our freedom?  To decorate, we’re going completely plastic free – use our printables to cut and colour your own bunting, paper chains, and flags.  You could also make your own origami party hats, and research what games or toys children would have been playing with in the 1940s!

We’d recommend a traditional afternoon tea of sandwiches; whether they’re dainty, crustless triangles filled with neat slices of cucumber or doorstep wedges stuffed full of cheese and pickle, it all works for us! Add some homemade treats on your finest china – it is a party after all and plastic plates weren’t in use in the 40s!  Try classic fairy cakes – make your own flag toppers with decorated paper on cocktail sticks, jam tarts, shortbread or even some home made flapjack.

At 11am there will be two minute’s silence to reflect and remember.  At 3pm the BBC will play the recorded speech by Winston Churchill and people are encouraged to share a toast on their doorstep, in their gardens or even living rooms (wherever is safest for you) to the heroes of WWII, using the words “To those who gave so much, we thank you” to pay tribute to the millions at home and abroad that gave so much for us.










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